One of the most important choices we make in life is our vocation.  Numerous questions arise like, “What am I go to do?”, “How, I will be able to support my family?”, “Which path to choose?”….!!.  Having a career provides a foundation to life and helps you grow as a person.  It is something to be proud of, and nurture.  So, it is important that you choose something you enjoy and finding fulfilling.

Did you Considered your Career in Quality / Material / Welding / NDT?  In such a case, now you landed yourself in right place, as APPTRRA GLOBAL AS help you to achieve incredible transformations in your technical expertise by teaching you from very basic product technology to advance levels of theoretical and practical industrial knowledge.  We will help you in your learning journey to reach your goals.  We teach you in a way that allows you to bring your unique strengths, passions and experiences to your future career success.

Globally, there is a high demand and low supply for certified skilled NDT Technicians and for Quality + Material + Welding experts.  You can use this opportunity for your career by getting real practical training from us.

Quality (QA/QC) / Material / Welding / NDT all plays a big role in keeping our world safe.  If you choose your career in any of these fields, means you are going to play a vital role to create safer world.  As a career, all of these fields offer numerous opportunities and there is big demand for technicians and engineers who got trained and qualified in these specialized fields.  Below gives you a little brief info on these fields:

Choosing Your Career

materialMaterial Technology –   This is a study of Solid Matter.  The Metallurgical Industry and the Production and Procession of Materials are very important aspect for any industry like, Shipping, Construction, Aerospace,  Oil and Gas etc.,  From the Chair you are sitting, the Concrete to make building you live/work, the Tunnel that you are travelling safely etc, all these are the products of Material Technology.



Welding Technology –   Welding is a Fabrication process used to join materials by melting the joining interface.  Nearly everything we use in our daily life is welded or made by equipment that is welded.  Welding is the most economical and efficient way to join metals permanently.  Welding is vital to national economy.



Non Destructive Testing – Various NDT Methods are utilized to ensure that the critical parts of the Refinery / Subsea / Shipping / Air Plane / Automobiles / Offshore structure etc., are free of defects during Construction and Maintenance and provide assurance of Safe Operation to Environment and Personnel life.


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