What I Learn:

  1. General Theory of the PT Method

  2. Specific Theory = Application of PT to general engineering products in accordance with relevant Codes/Standards/Procedure.

  3. Specific Practical = Application of PT to general engineering products  in accordance with relevant Codes/Standards/Procedure.

What Sector:

Pre & In-Service Inspection Sector 

How much time I spend:

  • 24 Hrs Training (Level 1 & Level 2 – 40 Hrs)

  • 1 Day Exam

  • Theory – 50% of training time

  • Practical – 50% of training time on Weld/Casting/Forging Flawed Test Samples

Can I Attend:

Personnel, who have more than Three Months of verifiable industrial work experience combined with Level 1 qualification in Penetrant testing method can, participate.

Course Start Date:  TBA

Registration Closing Date: Seven (7) Calendar Days prior to “Course Start Date”

PT Level 2 Training Fee = TBA
PT Level 2 Examination Fee = TBA

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