We all have within us every resource and tool we need to overcome problems and to be successful in career.  Our experts at APPTRRA GLOBAL AS understand this process and able to help you to unlock your true potential in a way many people consider impossible. 

We are committed to ensure that every student who goes through our vigorous training program will quickly achieve the same level of confidence and belief in their ability to have a super success in their career.  Our highest level of training and support, offers long term benefits to our student in achieving their career goals..

Our Program are carefully designed to give practical knowledge that can be applied immediately, after acquiring qualification/certification, to the outside world by Engineers, Technicians, NDT Operators, Materials, Welding, Quality Professionals by having hands on skills that required to perform in the areas of Project Welding / NDT / Material & Quality Technologies.

What can we do for you?

Our NDT Level 3 experts are Metallurgical & Welding Engineers with 2 decades of global industry experience.  You will be trained right from the basic material knowledge through to welding to thoroughly understand NDT principles for you to apply in real world as a real skilled engineer.

We take only limited number of students that facilitate our tutors to have excellent one to one interactive session.  This shall provide you an opportunity to gain practical exposure as much as you can.

Its only mandatory for our candidates to meet minimum number of training hours, however, there is no limitation for candidate to spend more time (if they wish) in our training centre to gain more practical / theory knowledge with support of our experts.

We provide much focused education that integrates the best of theory and practical application.

Our Course includes all needed books and study material and each student receives a complete set of these on the first day of the class.